All WordPress SEO/AdSense ready themes are compatible with WordPress 3.* with no major issues found.

When WordPress updates again (WordPress 3.5.*, 3.6 etc…) all our WordPress AdSense/SEO themes are tested for compatibility issues and any code problems are fixed. If you should find a problem with your AdSense ready theme please contact us via the order email or ideally through the comment form for your WordPress theme.

Best WordPress SEO Themes with AdSense Ads

Stallion Responsive, Stallion SEO, Talian, Blix, Blue Blix, Ad Clerum, Cutline, Forever Autumn, Fresh, Beautiful Sunrise, Almost Spring, Greenery, Naruto Strikes Back and Web 2 AdSense ready WordPress Themes for hosted domains (NOT sub-domains).

Stallion Responsive
Stallion Responsive
Updated version of the Stallion SEO Theme with 12 options pages with 400+ options. Ad networks : AdSense, Chitika, Kontera and Infolinks. Mobile responsive code, awesome Google PageSpeed Insights performance results. The best WordPress SEO Performance theme guaranteed.
Price $100.00
Stallion WordPress SEO Theme
Stallion WordPress SEO Theme
Updated version of the popular Talian 5 theme with 9 options pages with almost 300 options. Ad networks : AdSense, Chitika, Kontera and Infolinks. The second best WordPress SEO theme (see Stallion Responsive for the best).
Price $40.00

How Good are the WordPress SEO/AdSense Themes?

I was looking at the AdSense Templates Google search today and I find my site at number 3. Not bad for a site I did in my spare time as an experiment (wanted to see if there was an market for SEO/AdSense themes and there is).

Thought I’d take a look at the AdSense Templates competition to see what they had to offer.

At number one Cody Moya’s AdSense Templates which is one of those sites that offers hundreds of AdSense templates for ~$100 a month (every month!) and is filled with outrageous claims of how much you might earn with this product.

At number two Instant AdSense Templates by Joel Comm which is another site offering a lot of templates again for ~$100 a month. Again big claims about AdSense revenue backed up with ‘real’ testimonials :-)

And then there’s my little site at number three Google AdSense Templates and Themes which comparatively speaking is only offering a handful of Google AdSense templates for a one off cost from £4.99 each for a Blogspot theme.

AdSense Templates Google Search

Maybe I’m doing this all wrong, I don’t pretend to be a marketing guru and I have to admit I’ve been a little busy with my main business (I’m an SEO Consultant at SEO Gold Services) so haven’t had the time to AdSense/SEO enough WordPress themes to make this site really work (really need 30+ themes to be useful to most visitors, give a choice basically).

Even so with my SEO skills (and I’m damn good at SEO) I’m at the top 3 for an important SERP (AdSense Templates) and many related phrases by using one of my WordPress themes with NO modifications (using Talian with Targeted AdSense and SEO Optimisation out the box so to speak).

You can see another example of this SEO/AdSense theme in use at Adventure Travel Vacations again using the theme out the box with the WordPress SEO Plugins you can get for free from my site. Used WordPress built in Widget editor to remove the monthly archive menu turning a blogging CMS into a general CMS in seconds.

Which shows just how good my AdSense ready themes are, in fact over 75% of my sites now use one of the WordPress themes (if they didn’t work I wouldn’t use them!) you can find on this site for sale for less than $10 each (I’d charge over $3,000 to convert a site to be this well optimised)! I had many sites using other CMS systems (content management systems), but I like WordPress a lot from an SEO perspective so have converted most to use WordPress (it doesn’t have to be used only for blogs).

If you currently have a WordPress blog with a fair amount of content (50+ pages) on a variety of subjects** that attract some interest, then by using one of my WordPress AdSense themes you can improve your sites traffic (the themes are SEO optimised extremely well) and make some money from the traffic (the ads are placed in the best spots for revenue generation).

Based on my experience with many sites (not all generate lots of traffic) if you are seeing just 100 visitors a day and currently do not have AdSense ads on your site you’ll recuperate your $10 in no time. My AdSense ready themes tend to result in click thru rates of over 3%, (some over 6%) with only 100 visitors a day (which is very easy to get) that’s 3 clicks a day. At only 20 cents a click (and some clicks pay over $1 each) that’s less than 2 months to pay for the Google AdSense ready theme (that’s a worst case scenario in my experience).

** If your blog posts are all about nothing of interest and do not cover real keywords like the ones I list above in my examples then don’t waste your time/money on an AdSense/SEO theme since you are highly unlikely to make much money (though you’ll get your money back eventually even with a crap site).

From my perspective worst case scenario if you buy one of my AdSense themes is you almost certainly gain more traffic due to the optimisation and at least recuperate the $10 from the AdSense income even if you have a site that doesn’t generate a lot of traffic.

I did say I’m no marketing guru, I should be telling you that my themes will make you an AdSense millionaire while you sleep, pay of your mortgage in under a year and of course start picking out the colour of your new sports car, and did I mention your long vacations while you earns thousands of ££££s/$$$$s :-)

David Law : AKA SEO Dave, Search Engine Optimization Consultant, Internet Marketer, WordPress SEO Theme Developer and Nice Guy :-)

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